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Teacher of Yoga, Kalari, Ancient martial arts, Self defense, Meditation, Ayurveda medicine, and mind, body, spiritual healing. The opportunity to work and meet a teacher of this caliber is an unprecedented opportunity in this day and age. His influence and inspiration has spanned worldwide, with recognition and training schools throughout Russia, Europe and his base at Kerala, India

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About Vedic Culture

The word Veda comes from the root word - vid, meaning, to know. So, the questions: who knew, what and why. Individuals not satisfied with their limited experience isolated themselves to find out the ultimate. These enlightened beings after experiencing the nature of reality patterned out a way of living in sync with it, by which each and every individual can live a full life.

This knowledge was passed down through teacher-student succession over a period of time in gurukulas (guru's house). This way of living in tune with reality can be called vedic lifestyle or culture. Gradually this got lost and it now exists only in isolated pockets.

Veda Gurukulam is one of its kind establishment in which the old way of life is practiced and kept alive. Those seeking physical and mental well-being and those seeking the ultimate can come and experience and learn Ayurveda, yoga asanas, kalari payattu, jyotish etc.

Any student wanting to enter the gurukulam is first asked about his /her intention. He/she is then initiated in the traditional way and is then taught respective subjects. Staying here in this valley one can live in close communion with nature and focus on respective activities. Students who further wish to experience nature in its purest form are taken to familiar places in Athirapilly and Silent Valley.

guru brahma guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara guru sakshat parabrahma tasmai shri gurave namah

Aashan Maharaj

Aashan Maharaj's root comes from the great Sri Shivaprabhakara Siddha Yogi Parama Hamsar

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