Kularnava Tantra Chapter 1, Verses 26-30

26 This world being plunged into the fathomless time-ocean, the Jiva here, does not realise the lurking crocodiles of death, disease and old age.


27 He fails to see that with every moment which passes his body decays; realises not that like an unbaked earthen pot in water, the body is gradually destroying.


28 By making an enclosure one can prevent the wind or divide the sky and by erecting a barrier waves could be obstructed but the passage of life cannot be stopped by any means.


29 O Devi ! The earth scorches, mount Meru breaks waters of ocean dry, then what to say of the body-that is, the body would also inevitably perish.


30 Man keeps on prattling of ‘my children’, ‘my wife’, ‘my wealth’, ‘my relation’ ! Death swallows him when he is still thinking of what is done, and what is half done.

Kularnava Tantra Chapter 1, Verses 21-25.

21 Even a life of hundred years is too little, for the half of it is spent in sleep and the other half is made infructuous by infancy, disease, misery, old age and what not.


22 Lacks in industry where he is to be active; sleeps where he is to be awake; remains assured where he should be apprehensive – then why not death would inflict him?


23 Body is short-lived like a water-bubble. Residing in it like a bird how can the Jiva remain fearless in an unpleasant and perishable world?


24 The Jiva considers favourable that which is not favourable; considers permanent that which is transitory; considers useful that which is of no use; and sees not his own death.


25 O Devi! Deluded by your Maya, he looks not what he sees, grasps not what he hears; and follows not what he reads.

Kularnava tantra Chapter 1, Verses 16-20


16 One who does not try to cure himself of the hellish diseases in this very world, what can he do for his diseases when he goes to a place where no treatment is available.


17 He is a fool who starts digging a well when his house is already ablaze. Therefore, so long as this body exists one should earnestly devote himself towards the exploration of the Ultimate Truth.


18 Old age prowls like a tiger; age diminishes like the water in a broken pot; diseases strike like an enemy. Therefore, take to the auspicious path well before the limbs lose their vitality and the adversities crowd upon you

19 In the various worldly pursuits time flies unnoticed. Involved in his pleasures and pains the Jiva remains unaware of his self interest.


20 Infatuated by the wine of ignorance he does not fear even when he sees the world in the torpid, afflicted, dead, calamity ridden and extremely miserable beings. He does not realize that prosperity is like a dream, youth like a perishable blossom, life-span momentary like a lightning and remains complacent.

Kularnava tantra Chapter 1, verses 11-15

11 Preservation of the body : With all the efforts one should preserve his Self. the self is the efficient cause of everything. Therefore, with all care one should preserve his Self.


12 Village land, money and house, could all be obtained again and again; but the human body could not be obtained over and again.

13 Men should make persistent efforts for the preservation of their bodies. It is not proper to let the body end itself by afflictions like leprosy etc.


14 So long the body exists one should live according to the laws of Dharma. Dharma leads to knowledge; knowledge leads to Dhyana and Yoga, which though secret lead to Liberation.


15 If the person himself would not find the means for Release of his Self, who else is there to see the favorable means for this Release.


Kularnava Tantra, Chapter 1: Verses 6-10


Due to their epithet ‘born’ and their beginningless actions the remain separated from Siva and are regulated by the happiness of their virtues and pains of their sins. In accordance with their deeds obtaining bodily forms, age and destinies of respective species, these ignorant species go on passing from birth to birth


Four kinds of Creatures:

Various kinds of Jivas are born on the earth a thousand times respectively in various gradiations of live, e.g. Udbhij or immobiles born out of the ground; Svedajaor mobile born out of sweat such as insects etc.; Andaja or those born out of eggs, such as, birds, etc.; and Farayaj or born out of womb, such as animals, men in different stages of development, Gods, and the Liberated Beings.



Superiority of human body :

Of the 84,00,00 bodily forms, human body is the most important, for it is this form in which one gets knowledge to the Essence. This knowledge of the Essence can not be attained in any other form than human. Even in hundreds of thousands of births, O Parvati ! when due to the accumulation of virtuous deeds, a human being with efforts obtains the knowledge of Essence he becomes Liberated.



Endowed with human form as a ladder for Emancipation if one does not liberate his Atman, then who can be a greater sinner than him.


Obtaining a superior birth and bestowed with a beautiful set of motor and sensory organs one who does not understand the best of his interests is like the one who is self slayer. 


Kularnava Tantra Chapter 1, Verses 1-5.

The first five verses of Kularnava Tantra:

1. (Once upon a time) Sri Devi Parvati enquired thus from that all blissful, Supreme Lord, God of Gods, father of the world, Siva, when he was sitting on the peak of Mount Kailasa.


2. Sri Devi said : O Lord, God of Gods, Founder of sacred practices, Omniscient, Attainable with devotion, Deliverer of those who take refuge, Lord of Kula, Supreme Lord, Ocean of the nectar of compassion ! Infinite number of creatures in myriad bodily forms are involved in endless cycle of sufferings of birth and death and there is no redemption for them. Engrossed in utter pain, they never enjoy happiness. O Lord ! Tell me, therefore, how could they obtain release.


3. The Lord said : Listen, O Devi, the answer of what you have asked from me; even by merely hearing which men obtain Salvation.

4. There is One Real, who is Siva, the parabrahma, featureless, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Sovereign of all, Blotless and One without a second.


5. Forms of Siva, characteristics of creatures and their conditions :

Self-luminous, without a beginning or an end, devoid of all attributes, changeless, highest of the highest, devoid of qualities, He is Saccidananda. All the myriad of living creatures are just a portion of Him but due to ageless ignorance have separated from Him like sparks, though emerging from fire, separate from it.