Kularnava Tantra Chapter 1, Verses 26-30

26 This world being plunged into the fathomless time-ocean, the Jiva here, does not realise the lurking crocodiles of death, disease and old age.


27 He fails to see that with every moment which passes his body decays; realises not that like an unbaked earthen pot in water, the body is gradually destroying.


28 By making an enclosure one can prevent the wind or divide the sky and by erecting a barrier waves could be obstructed but the passage of life cannot be stopped by any means.


29 O Devi ! The earth scorches, mount Meru breaks waters of ocean dry, then what to say of the body-that is, the body would also inevitably perish.


30 Man keeps on prattling of ‘my children’, ‘my wife’, ‘my wealth’, ‘my relation’ ! Death swallows him when he is still thinking of what is done, and what is half done.