Kularnava Tantra Chapter 1, Verses 21-25.

21 Even a life of hundred years is too little, for the half of it is spent in sleep and the other half is made infructuous by infancy, disease, misery, old age and what not.


22 Lacks in industry where he is to be active; sleeps where he is to be awake; remains assured where he should be apprehensive – then why not death would inflict him?


23 Body is short-lived like a water-bubble. Residing in it like a bird how can the Jiva remain fearless in an unpleasant and perishable world?


24 The Jiva considers favourable that which is not favourable; considers permanent that which is transitory; considers useful that which is of no use; and sees not his own death.


25 O Devi! Deluded by your Maya, he looks not what he sees, grasps not what he hears; and follows not what he reads.

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