Kularnava tantra Chapter 1, Verses 16-20


16 One who does not try to cure himself of the hellish diseases in this very world, what can he do for his diseases when he goes to a place where no treatment is available.


17 He is a fool who starts digging a well when his house is already ablaze. Therefore, so long as this body exists one should earnestly devote himself towards the exploration of the Ultimate Truth.


18 Old age prowls like a tiger; age diminishes like the water in a broken pot; diseases strike like an enemy. Therefore, take to the auspicious path well before the limbs lose their vitality and the adversities crowd upon you

19 In the various worldly pursuits time flies unnoticed. Involved in his pleasures and pains the Jiva remains unaware of his self interest.


20 Infatuated by the wine of ignorance he does not fear even when he sees the world in the torpid, afflicted, dead, calamity ridden and extremely miserable beings. He does not realize that prosperity is like a dream, youth like a perishable blossom, life-span momentary like a lightning and remains complacent.

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