Kularnava Tantra Chapter 1, Verses 1-5.

The first five verses of Kularnava Tantra:

1. (Once upon a time) Sri Devi Parvati enquired thus from that all blissful, Supreme Lord, God of Gods, father of the world, Siva, when he was sitting on the peak of Mount Kailasa.


2. Sri Devi said : O Lord, God of Gods, Founder of sacred practices, Omniscient, Attainable with devotion, Deliverer of those who take refuge, Lord of Kula, Supreme Lord, Ocean of the nectar of compassion ! Infinite number of creatures in myriad bodily forms are involved in endless cycle of sufferings of birth and death and there is no redemption for them. Engrossed in utter pain, they never enjoy happiness. O Lord ! Tell me, therefore, how could they obtain release.


3. The Lord said : Listen, O Devi, the answer of what you have asked from me; even by merely hearing which men obtain Salvation.

4. There is One Real, who is Siva, the parabrahma, featureless, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Sovereign of all, Blotless and One without a second.


5. Forms of Siva, characteristics of creatures and their conditions :

Self-luminous, without a beginning or an end, devoid of all attributes, changeless, highest of the highest, devoid of qualities, He is Saccidananda. All the myriad of living creatures are just a portion of Him but due to ageless ignorance have separated from Him like sparks, though emerging from fire, separate from it.


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