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Teacher of Yoga, Kalari, Ancient martial arts, Self defense, Meditation, Ayurveda medicine, and mind, body, spiritual healing. The opportunity to work and meet a teacher of this caliber is an unprecedented opportunity in this day and age. His influence and inspiration has spanned worldwide, with recognition and training schools throughout Russia, Europe and his base at Kerala, India

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About Vedic Culture

The word Veda comes from the root word vid, meaning, to know. So, the questions: who knew, what and why. Individuals not satisfied with their limited experience isolated themselves to find out the ultimate. These enlightened beings after experiencing the nature of reality patterned out a way of living in sync with it, by which each and every individual can live a full life.

This knowledge was passed down through teacher-student succession over a period of time in gurukulas (guru's house). This way of living in tune with reality can be called vedic lifestyle or culture. Gradually this got lost and it now exists only in isolated pockets.

Veda Gurukulam is one of its kind establishment in which the old way of life is practiced and kept alive. Those seeking physical and mental well-being and those seeking the ultimate can come and experience and learn Ayurveda, yoga asanas, kalari payattu, jyotish etc.

Any student wanting to enter the gurukulam is first asked about his/her intention. He/she is then initiated in the traditional way and is then taught respective subjects. Staying here in this valley one can live in close communion with nature and focus on respective activities. Students who further wish to experience nature in its purest form are taken to familiar places in Athirapilly and Silent Valley.

Aashan Maharaj

Biography of Aashan Sajjan Gurukkal

These words are directly from Aashan Maharaj, with some question interruptions, a most intimate and fascinating look at his amazing life, raw glimpse of his spiritual journey, with complete honesty, transparency, and nothing held back. This is part one of a continuing series.

What Was Your Family Life Like Growing Up?

Aashan: I am born in 1961. In a mountain range farmhouse in Peerumedu, Kerala. School studies were in N.S.S HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, CHANGANASSERRY, KERALA. Grand parents were rice farmers. Great grand parents were ayurvedic doctors, for 5 generations. Great grand father was ayurvedic eye specialist for Maharaja of Travancore. I was a very joyful boy, had many friends in school life, but was most naughty in the town, the eldest out of 5 children 3 brothers, and 2 sisters.

What Was A Turning Point In Your Life?

Aashan: When I was 12 years, my dads business fell down,. Bankrupt. We moved to kochi city.There I met with my Kalaripayat  Guru Sree Maniswamy Gurukkal..I suddenly joined with his an electric vibe. I felt what was lost in past, and I joined his system. He never showed any compassion in my trainings, to me. Not even a smile. After few months, I had the courage to talk to him.And he opened the secrets of life to me.Later Komarothu Pathil kochaashan the student of Brahmmananda Sree Shiva Prabhakara siddhayogi paramahamsa avadhoothar,initiated me to study Mahavidya.He,with great care initiated me to Mahavidya.

How long was Maniswamy Gurukkal, your teacher ?

Aashan: I was a regular student of him till 1990, Even after I got married in 1986, I was with him until he had samadhi in 2002

Was he your only teacher? is there anything you can share more about him?

He opened my vision. But my  soul was still covered with maaya.was in search of further answers above usual human life.He was unable to answer all my questions.So he send me to study from Komarothu Pathil Kochaashan.

So what came next?

Aashan: In 1985, I asked my guru to liberate me from bondages.He said,"I cannot do it, but ,Komarothu Aashan will teach you and you will be accepted in Russia"  will teach there,and then in India.I heard frompeople that Siddhayogi walked and flew to Russia several times. Even at the time of Stalin. Siddayogis direct disciple, Pathil kochu aashan is till alive, Go and study from him."

He liberated you?

Aashan: He said, I am not good in linguistics of vedanta, But he can untie all your logics with just few words or actions. First time I entered the very small house of siddhayogis student, kochu aashan, he asked his old wife to close the doors of the Home.

What happened?

Aashan: She closed the door. He suddenly got angry and shouted at me..who the hell are you to come from my students school, to know more, what do you think about are just a  cockroach. He provoked me to the heights, Then he  hit me with  his palm, fist and feet. as if I am an enemy.

 Most respected my Guru ( late ) Sree Maniswamy Gurukkal, on my right.. inside the kalari of my Guru ... in Ernakulam,Kerala .. (1998 )

Then what happened ?

Aashan: I didn't react, I kneeled on his feet, and he blessed me. All my vedantic questions were answered by him in moments. I lived with him 2 weeks. His wife was a real mother for me. Then 4 years, I would visit his home, 80 kms far from mine ..once in a week Upanishads, Brahmavidya, mahavidyas, bhagavathgeetha, bharatha, ramayana, gods,their plays, all was opened to me,through simple words. 

For example.Kochaashan said, "gods payback their karma even after 100 thousand years..why cant we?"
Lord Vishnu stole an Asuras wife named Vrinda,becuase Asuric Jalandhara tried to seal Maa Parvathi from Shiva. Tulsi Vrinda(Basilic) and Tulsi the sister of Laxmi cursed Vishnu, that Laxmi will be stolen by an asura named Ravana.Laxmi was the Sita in Ramayana,as the result of Vishnus bad karma.So,Vishnu took birth as Sree Rama.

So, this is why, materialism and selfishness exceeds in humans ?

Aashan: Shiva pleased by the action of Lord Vishnu,blessed him saying" In helping Parvathy, you stole Vrinda, so I will help you in disaster,in the form of a monkey named Hanuman. This is the Kochaashan style Ramayana story.

 In 1994, he gave me mahamantra deeksha, the highest initiation in spirituality, It was after a 9 nights of  Durgapooja and fire sacrifice. I was trembling like a big drum. Lightning inside me. But actually, after that initiation, I was in a trance mood

what do you mean by Trance?
Aashan: Used to go with friends to evening parties.after this initiation,I never felt that I was enjoying parties.Actually I was in another world.
Please explain some more.

Aashan:  All my extreme ideologies got freedom  in  a liberated mind. Was not able to control it. Later slowly, using vishnumanthra and sudarshana kriya, it got balanced  positive. My direct guru had mahasamadhi in 2002 ( died ) My grand guru had mahasamadhi in 2006 when he was 92 years. It means he taught me when he was 88. My guru Maniswamy left when he was just 75.Kochaashans Guru, Brahmmananda Shivaprabhakara siddhayogi Paramahamsa avadhootar ,though  I never met him in person, But I knew from Kochaashan, that he was even guru for Amma, Mata Amrutanandamayi devi.and so many great souls around the world.

You were his dearest and nearest student?

Aashan: I was like a son or servant for all my gurus, Yes. Prabhakara siddhayogi , I never met in person. Shivayogi had his samadhi few years before I met my grand guru.

Do you find that type of devotion exists anymore in this age ?

Aashan: Yes, yes.I see this world as always in a positive manner.aum

 open sharing of love- a workshop on performance/vedic academy students This is part of a continuing series, which is still a work in progress.


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